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My Trafalgar Experience

Why should you consider a Trafalgar coach tour?


I am here to tell you that I have experienced and I am a testament to what they offer as being true to its core! I experienced Trafalgar on a Hawaii coach tour FAM – and I had not been on a coach tour since the 90s!


You literally just show up!  We each received welcome emails from Andrew our tour director, of whom I had a few questions for – and he was quick to respond and easily accommodating.  Truthfully, HE was the highlight of the trip – even now it brings a smile to my face thinking of my conversations with Andrew, and his genuine smile & kindness – never mind his multitasking project management master skills!


Having my luggage taken care of from start to finish with all the coach & plane trips in between (we island hoped which was lovely to experience the efficiency!)

There were always water and snacks on the coach readily available.  Speaking of the coach, the drivers were also genuinely glad to greet you and show you their island, and amazing, skilled drivers!  I take transit in the city – so I’m sensitive to the stop/starts of buses & they have mad skills!!!

VALUE, VALUE, VALUE is the main message I want to convey.  There are so many special treats along the way of such variety that I can’t even begin to explain – and I want to keep it a true surprise for you!  This is key to their customer service – you get what you pay for and so much more! That is why their FEEFO score (independent rating service) is so high!

What I will tell you is some of other keys as to why they are so beloved, and why you want to pay to travel with them!

  • You are always 1st in line and in some cases have special access for tours (such as the VIP line at the Vatican)
  • The hotels selected are always centrally located, near the action, so that when you are on your free time (YES it’s not all scheduled time!) you can easily roam.  Our beds were sumptuous and high end.
  • They have a feature on some tours: “stays with Stories” where they are the only travel company able to access some properties – for example, the hotel/museum where the Sound of Music was filmed
  • “Be My Guest” is another feature which is on all their European trips & now in India & Australia – where you go to into genuine family’s homes for a meal
  • There is time for yourself built into every trip – in Hawaii we had so much!  We had an entire afternoon in Honolulu where some went shopping, some went hiking, one took surf lessons, and some of us swam & had beach time.
  • There are also opportunities to have Trip Enhancements – add on “optionals” you can fill your free time with which come with KILLER deals rather than doing it on your own!  Andrew arranged our mantra ray evening swim & my helicopter tour!

There is wifi on the coaches, but I rarely used it as I enjoyed seeing everything out the window and listening to the information or stories that Andrew and the drivers spoke with such passion.  Most folks think that coach tours have you on the bus most of the day but not with Trafalgar – my experience was that you’re only ever on 1.5 hrs.  There are so many stops, photo ops and food opportunities!

Friends were made -a huge bonus!!

Personally, I equate them to how I see cruising – it gives me a taste of a location so I know where I want to come back to visit and spend more time.  Case in point, I did this trip at the end of March in 2018, and 6 months later am taking my husband back to do the 2nd part of my trip all over again with him, because it was so magical, that I want him to experience it.

Let me know if you’d like to learn more, and keep in mind their amazing early booking bonus of 10% off!!!

Cheers, Erika        #erikaluxtravel



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