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Product Showcase – Palace Resorts

Indulge without Limits!

outside moon palacePalace Resorts set the highest standards for all-inclusive vacations where they offer more than you would expect!  They have 8 properties in the Mexican, the Caribbean and Jamaica, here’ are a few I’d like to highlight:

  • Mexico: Cancun – Sun Palace – a couples only oasis
  • Mexico: Cancun – Le Blanc Spa Resort – breezy elegance & boundless pampering (adult only)
  • Mexico: Cancun – Moon Palace – dynamic resort with something for everyone, including a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course.
  • ** Mexico: Cancun – The Grand at Moon Palace – new luxe accommodations, world class dining 
  • ** Jamaica: Ocho Rios – Moon Palace – for families & couples & has the largest spa on the island!
  • ** Mexico: Los Cabos – Le Blanc Spa Resort – the jewel of paradise with breathtaking coral reefs & magnificent whale watching.

moon palace


  • Luxurious accommodations with 24-hour room service
  • Complimentary Wifi and unlimited local & long distance calls
  • Up to $1500 Resort Credit
  • Top shelf liquors
  • Wide variety of a la carte dining which is unrestricted
  • CHI* branded bath, hair products & flat irons (therefor more room in your luggage ladies!)
  • world-class entertainment
  • taxes and gratuities included

moon palace room

And if you upgrade, you’ll ALSO get: 


  • Private check-in & out
  • Early check in & late check out
  • Two 25-minute massages on the beach or spa treatment rooms
  • Private candle light dinner at select locations
  • Lavazza espresso machine
  • In-room liquor dispenser with top shelf brands
  • Pillow AND aromatherapy menues
  • Luxury bath amenities by L’Occitane

Its also a foodies paradise with exquisite dining experiences. They have wines from all over the world, are a certified angus beef partnership, and the most delectable pastries!



  • Guaranteed connecting rooms
  • 1 king room & 1 room with 2 doubles
  • bathrobes & slippers including mini sizes for children
  • family friend amenities such as a candy basket upon arrival and chocolate milk in the fridge!


So what do Resort Credits mean?

Instant Vacation cash!!!  Stay longer, get more ca$h!!

The credits are good towards rounds of golf, scuba diving, water sports, some sap experiences.  If you dont’ use all of them they are credited to you at the end of your stay as a card that you can use towards your next trip the next year or you can pass them along to your friends & family (or favorite travel professional!)

Enjoy this video to see what there is to experience!

resort credits

Let me help you start planning your winter escape!! 

Cheers, Erika




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Separate Vacations without resentment


You don’t have to sacrifice to see the world.  It’s not enough time, not enough money, or commitments at home.  More often I hear that they can’t get a pet sitter or kenneling is either too expense or too cumbersome.  But it does take planning and communication!  With so many options out there and less stigmas and pre-determined notions – there’s no excuse as to why you can’t see the world!
Other reasons may be different interests or hobbies that could take you traveling (craft beer tours for example), or perhaps one doesn’t like the heat – so a nice southern vacation in the winter is out of the question for the 2 of you to be happy together!  Increasingly popular are mini get-aways, due to time and money but also ease of comradery – a golf 4-day weekend for the guys or a spa & hike get-away for the gal pals.  A safe and experience packed trip is to take a couch tour where you can make new friends along the way!

Besides circumstance, there are also other reasons to take separate vacations:

  1. To experience something new that doesn’t interest your partner
  2. To have a reunion with old friends or family
  3. To learn something new (a cooking tour!)
  4. Your bucket list item but not theirs
  5. Or simply to have some alone time

Again though, communication is key – not just words but body language – be honest, specific about the plans, and discuss the financial costs.  Do you think the costs should be equal of you each take a separate vacation?  Also keep in mind that separate vacations should not take the place of shared vacations with each other – ensure you have money and time for both – keep that love alive!!!

Experts say there is significant hesitation among some couples to even bring up this subject.  But in a study in 2006 says that separate vacations can be growth experiences:

“​Marriage often leads to a larger understanding of the world, more people in our lives, and a more mature and realistic take on how relationships work. If we married our clone, there would be little room for growth. … When the relationship is intact, occasional separate vacations can add a terrific dimension to your marriage. But if trouble is already brewing between partners, a separate vacation may do more harm than good. Consider your true motivation for the vacation, the stability of your finances and relationship, ages of your children, and willingness to compromise. If this all checks out—enjoy and make some memories.”


So for you, does distance make the heart grow fonder?  Or would you terribly miss the other person and not enjoy your vacation?

Ideas for married couple vacations

  • one hikes Machu Picchu & the other swims in the Galapagos and you both come together for a cruise along the Amazon
  • one golfs the greens in Ireland while the other does a royal tour in England – you fly over & back together
  • One goes on a river cruise with their friends from college in the spring and the other takes a coach tour to learn about a new country in the Autumn
  • One goes to see a concert with a group of friends over the weekend one month and the other goes to see a sporting event with another group of mid-week


With so many options, let’s get to know each other to see what YOUR possibilities are!!






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Feature: Emerald Waterways

This last week we had a presentation with our representative with Emerald Waterways which was truly enlightening!

As per their website:              Exceptional. Amazing. Unique.

“Expect more from your deluxe river cruise with Emerald Waterways. Our award-winning river cruise fleet and inspiring itineraries reveal the stunning scenery and fascinating culture of Europe and Asia as you’ve never experienced them. Enjoy the Emerald difference. Our innovative river cruise ships offer you panoramic views of the stunning scenery, and feature contemporary boutique hotel styling, deluxe in-suite comfort, gourmet dining options and exceptional service, all included in the price.”


This week we learned about their new ship, the Emerald Harmony that is being built right now for release in 2019 in Asia.  It will only have 42 cabins, so 84 guests (doesn’t that sound lovely as an idea for hosting a gathering or an event!) and 40 crew, so your ratio is amazing!  There are 5 decks, an observation deck, a library, a fitness room & spa services.  There are 3 dining experiences: the Reflections restaurant, Horizon bar & lounge, and the new Lotus Lounge.harmony2

Now about the cabins, of which the majority are suites, and a few staterooms.  They are 30 sq. ft larger than any others (on their European ships).  Besides the entire ship being contemporary style, it makes these rooms seem even more spacious and inviting! harmony3

The Emerald Harmony will include:

  • Spacious Accommodations on board one of Asia’s most innovative cruise ships
  • Sailing directly from Ho Chi Minh City (no one else in the industry can do this!)
  • All on board meals with complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks to accompany lunch and dinner
  • State-of-the-art coffee machine to enjoy lattes or cappuccinos
  • Complimentary self-service laundry facilities (bring your own detergent though)
  • Complimentary WIFI (even on some of their coaches on the land tours)

They have 13 and 21 days Itineraries outlined, with optional extensions & Stopovers pre and post cruise!

Here’s an example of part of one of these itineraries:

harmony 3.4

And here is a snapshot of their 21 day itinerary for 2019 on the Emerald Harmony: harmony4

Of note, the majority if the daily tours are in the morning (which often take you away from the tourist areas), which leaves you with free time to explore on your own, at your own pace.  You have the best of both worlds: be taken care of & enjoy a tour with a local expert, AND have time to yourself to experience the culture and make memories.

There are bicycles on the European ships for you to enjoy at your leisure. Each ship also has a stunning pool – & while in Asia you will definitely want to take advantage of it so bring your suit! harmony5

Then there is always some evening entertainment, and a 4 course dinner with local wines. The meals always have regional choices and North American choices. The breakfast and lunches are buffet style.

The demographic for Emerald Waterways is 50% Australian / New Zealand, 30% Canadian and 10 % American – so plan to enjoy the company of some Aussies – they know how to have a good time!

Other differences that Emerald Waterways provides is that tipping is ALWAYS included in the price, and your final payment is not due until 90 days prior to departure. As well, transfers are always included, even if you don’t book your flight with them – now that’s service!!

If you choose to book your flight with your package, they have some amazing deals here too when booking early. As with most river cruise lines it’s best to book EARLY to get the best deals, the best selection, and simply the fact that they do sell out!

**** Our EXCLUSIVE Deal for YOU, available until August 23rd ****

Fly FREE on any 12+ day itineraries while supplies last!

$125 pp USD onboard credit

$75 pp CAD saving off the cost of the cruise

So, if Asia’s on your bucket list, if you have a honeymoon to plan (unpack ONCE is a dream detail!), or you want to take your special interest group on the adventure of a lifetime where you can bond over shared experiences – contact ME, Erika Lange – Travel Professional.

And stay tuned, next time we will be discussing their Croatian yacht adventures!

Cheers, Erika

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Authentic Experience

It’s YOUR time!

In the words of Eminem, “Let it go, Gotta let it go, keep living your life cause its your tie, Your time, Your time, Your time.”


After years of spending your time working hard to have everything you wanted for you and your family, years spending climbing the ladder, becoming bigger and brighter through personal development, spending much of your free time watching your children play, perform, and providing enriching experiences for them, now it’s YOUR TIME!

At this time in your life, you’ve shifted from making others happy to making yourself happy. Either through hobbies, volunteering, learning something new – or simply taking time to smell the roses.  Now’s the time to take stock of the bucket list!  You’re active – time to find some new experiences and some enrichment!

For starting your brainstorming, here are travelocity’s 7 Unforgettable bucket list trips for Empty Nesters

  1. Enjoy Butler Service in Bali
  2. Take an African Safari
  3. Spend a Summer in Provence
  4. Cruise down the Nile River
  5. Explore the Temples of Thailand
  6. Experience the Real Life Fairytale of Monaco
  7. Touring the Canadian Rockies by Train

Making plans is key at this time in life – think of it, you’ve had a structured life so far with school and work schedules, your mind is used to the rhythm of it.

Now’s your chance to change focus to your enrichment!  Rediscover your inner child perhaps, what did you enjoy in your early years that you could manifest now?

Your house is where you want it to be – no more renos, and you may even have already downsized.  For the first time you can leave home without having to think about so many things to prep – you can pack up and go on a whim or plan something grand!  This is your chance to see places you have always wanted to see.

coffree together

There are so many unique and authentic experiences to be had, let me help you wander through the myriad of options available! 

Cheers, Erika        @erikaluxtravel



How to relax like a professional


I’ve worked really hard in my life, ambitious, motivated, & long hours.  Now don’t get me wrong, though it’s a tough slog much of the time, its been rewarding and I’ve have great experiences with many overturns of growth like a tree – in many directions.  With this I’ve also been fortunate enough to have long periods of downtime at one period of my life:                                                                  work hard – relax hard was my motto.

Self care was something I had to embrace, or my body & organs would tell me so!

With that I sought out new relaxing experiences near and far.  It could be as simple as a massage or pair it with a pedicure.  Then I took that to the next level and get it at a resort rather than a local shop.  Then again, made a weekend of it, where I finally got to meditate or read that book I’ve had at my bedside for months!  My mind would soon become relaxed, all my worries would melt away, I would be gently reminded to drink more water, and eat good food (because those nasty habits would creep back up on you in times of stress).

A wonderful thing that no one ever talks about, is that in a good spa, these people are consummate care givers & they make you feel so special.  For most, we are constantly busy taking care of others and forget to take care of ourselves. I truly enjoy getting to know these people, they enrich my life.

If YOU want a relaxing get-away for a weekend or more, contact me to discuss your options! @erikaluxtravel on Social Media or email


These are my spa notes for you take away for a rewarding experience

  1. When they say “take your time” they really do mean it
  2. Don’t be worried about falling asleep during a treatment, I think over 50% do and it shows your lovely attendant they had you fully relaxed.
  3. If you don’t like something – either the pressure, the scent, the colour YOU picked, SPEAK UP!  They want you to leave happy … of course, do this with kindness
  4. Don’t get in dolled up, be kind to those white linens, mascara is not necessary – and you’ll look betting for it not coming out afterwards like a raccoon
  5. Stay a while after your treatment, they have those lounges for a reason, they want you be fully relaxed and enjoy yourself
  6. If the spa you are visiting has a pool or saunas, take FULL ADVANTAGE, make a day of it!  Pack that bathing suit and become one with your robe!
  7. Spa day with your friend? Be mindful of others around you and don’t laugh too hard (experience right there folks!)


Handy Tips

  1. Bring a lock, because you never know if one is provided for your locker
  2. Bring a prep bag, mine always has a hair brush, deodorant and a pouch for my jewelry (I even take off my earrings and wedding ring for my massages)
  3. Don’t make plans for going out that evening, plan for a good night sleep!  Trust me on this, I went out dancing & drinks after a massage it made for a terrible next morning!
  4. Get comfortable with being silent, with being still, with being mindful
  5. Seriously: hydrate hydrate hydrate, before as well as after!


Recommendations of my favorite places to professionally relax

  1. Sparkling Hill Resort – a weekend getaway in the hills, overlooking Lake Okanagan, where your room includes saunas, pools & a delicious breakfast
  2. Banff Springs Hotel – Willow Stream Spa – grab a massage or a facial and spend the day in the secluded pools & hot pools, only for patrons.  Also enjoy tea in their many lounge areas
  3. Le Nordik Spa in Chelsea Quebec, the most glorious setting in the trees & rocks where you enjoy a myriad of pools, saunas & lounge areas outdoors all year round
  4. Vida Spa in Vancouver or Whistler – they have the best lounges, and the most magnificent hot oil massage I’ve ever had
  5. Cruise ships!  Many of them have a spa package you can get – where there are only about 100-200 people on the ship can get access to the private spa lounge areas and hot tubs, but most importantly the thermal beds for relaxing on!!!!
  6. And finally, the Cave Sauna Spa– 8 nordik sauna and steam rooms that are bathed in different aromatherapy, light and pure relaxation!!  I am so fortunate to live so close to this wonderful business.

The Cave Sauna Spa
The Cave Sauna Spa in Cochrane Alberta