Authentic Experience

It’s YOUR time!

In the words of Eminem, “Let it go, Gotta let it go, keep living your life cause its your tie, Your time, Your time, Your time.”


After years of spending your time working hard to have everything you wanted for you and your family, years spending climbing the ladder, becoming bigger and brighter through personal development, spending much of your free time watching your children play, perform, and providing enriching experiences for them, now it’s YOUR TIME!

At this time in your life, you’ve shifted from making others happy to making yourself happy. Either through hobbies, volunteering, learning something new – or simply taking time to smell the roses.  Now’s the time to take stock of the bucket list!  You’re active – time to find some new experiences and some enrichment!

For starting your brainstorming, here are travelocity’s 7 Unforgettable bucket list trips for Empty Nesters

  1. Enjoy Butler Service in Bali
  2. Take an African Safari
  3. Spend a Summer in Provence
  4. Cruise down the Nile River
  5. Explore the Temples of Thailand
  6. Experience the Real Life Fairytale of Monaco
  7. Touring the Canadian Rockies by Train

Making plans is key at this time in life – think of it, you’ve had a structured life so far with school and work schedules, your mind is used to the rhythm of it.

Now’s your chance to change focus to your enrichment!  Rediscover your inner child perhaps, what did you enjoy in your early years that you could manifest now?

Your house is where you want it to be – no more renos, and you may even have already downsized.  For the first time you can leave home without having to think about so many things to prep – you can pack up and go on a whim or plan something grand!  This is your chance to see places you have always wanted to see.

coffree together

There are so many unique and authentic experiences to be had, let me help you wander through the myriad of options available! 

Cheers, Erika        @erikaluxtravel



How to relax like a professional


I’ve worked really hard in my life, ambitious, motivated, & long hours.  Now don’t get me wrong, though it’s a tough slog much of the time, its been rewarding and I’ve have great experiences with many overturns of growth like a tree – in many directions.  With this I’ve also been fortunate enough to have long periods of downtime at one period of my life:                                                                  work hard – relax hard was my motto.

Self care was something I had to embrace, or my body & organs would tell me so!

With that I sought out new relaxing experiences near and far.  It could be as simple as a massage or pair it with a pedicure.  Then I took that to the next level and get it at a resort rather than a local shop.  Then again, made a weekend of it, where I finally got to meditate or read that book I’ve had at my bedside for months!  My mind would soon become relaxed, all my worries would melt away, I would be gently reminded to drink more water, and eat good food (because those nasty habits would creep back up on you in times of stress).

A wonderful thing that no one ever talks about, is that in a good spa, these people are consummate care givers & they make you feel so special.  For most, we are constantly busy taking care of others and forget to take care of ourselves. I truly enjoy getting to know these people, they enrich my life.

If YOU want a relaxing get-away for a weekend or more, contact me to discuss your options! @erikaluxtravel on Social Media or email


These are my spa notes for you take away for a rewarding experience

  1. When they say “take your time” they really do mean it
  2. Don’t be worried about falling asleep during a treatment, I think over 50% do and it shows your lovely attendant they had you fully relaxed.
  3. If you don’t like something – either the pressure, the scent, the colour YOU picked, SPEAK UP!  They want you to leave happy … of course, do this with kindness
  4. Don’t get in dolled up, be kind to those white linens, mascara is not necessary – and you’ll look betting for it not coming out afterwards like a raccoon
  5. Stay a while after your treatment, they have those lounges for a reason, they want you be fully relaxed and enjoy yourself
  6. If the spa you are visiting has a pool or saunas, take FULL ADVANTAGE, make a day of it!  Pack that bathing suit and become one with your robe!
  7. Spa day with your friend? Be mindful of others around you and don’t laugh too hard (experience right there folks!)


Handy Tips

  1. Bring a lock, because you never know if one is provided for your locker
  2. Bring a prep bag, mine always has a hair brush, deodorant and a pouch for my jewelry (I even take off my earrings and wedding ring for my massages)
  3. Don’t make plans for going out that evening, plan for a good night sleep!  Trust me on this, I went out dancing & drinks after a massage it made for a terrible next morning!
  4. Get comfortable with being silent, with being still, with being mindful
  5. Seriously: hydrate hydrate hydrate, before as well as after!


Recommendations of my favorite places to professionally relax

  1. Sparkling Hill Resort – a weekend getaway in the hills, overlooking Lake Okanagan, where your room includes saunas, pools & a delicious breakfast
  2. Banff Springs Hotel – Willow Stream Spa – grab a massage or a facial and spend the day in the secluded pools & hot pools, only for patrons.  Also enjoy tea in their many lounge areas
  3. Le Nordik Spa in Chelsea Quebec, the most glorious setting in the trees & rocks where you enjoy a myriad of pools, saunas & lounge areas outdoors all year round
  4. Vida Spa in Vancouver or Whistler – they have the best lounges, and the most magnificent hot oil massage I’ve ever had
  5. Cruise ships!  Many of them have a spa package you can get – where there are only about 100-200 people on the ship can get access to the private spa lounge areas and hot tubs, but most importantly the thermal beds for relaxing on!!!!
  6. And finally, the Cave Sauna Spa– 8 nordik sauna and steam rooms that are bathed in different aromatherapy, light and pure relaxation!!  I am so fortunate to live so close to this wonderful business.

The Cave Sauna Spa
The Cave Sauna Spa in Cochrane Alberta